This Christmas, SQ 1 Events are offering you the opportunity

to take advantage of our magical Christmas packages.

We are sure your guests will have an experience to remember!



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Package 1

                  DJ upto 4hrs                                                                  £275



Package 2

                  DJ upto 4hrs

                  Magician 2hrs                                                                £500



Package 3

                  DJ upto 4hrs

                  Singer 2x 45mins                                                         £500



Package 4

                  DJ upto 4hrs

                  Magician 2hrs

                  Singer 2x 45mins                                                         £700



Package 5

                  DJ upto 4hrs

                  Magician 2hrs

                  Singer 2x 45 mins

                  Intelligent Mood Lighting                                        £850




* DJ includes a full DJ setup; PA System suitable for up to 500 guests and intelligent LED party lighting.

Christmas 2014

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